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Kevin Latchford


Ask For Help - Really It's OK - August 2, 2014

As a parent I am often approached by my children and their friends with a request for help. It can be something rather simple like raising the seat on a bike. Or, it may be more complex, like an interview by my son’s classmate for a school project. No matter what the request, large or small, I appreciate the fact they even ask.


I also pride myself on asking for help. I don’t know everything (although my wife may disagree with my statement). I seek advice on a daily basis whether it be sales, financial, a DIY fixer-upper around the house, etc. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I learned a long time ago that it’s easier to ask for help or advice than to go it alone. There are others that have gone before me that have the experience to help guide me.


So, why then do sales people always try to go it alone? I believe that the same trait driving sales people for success also drives them to strive for success on their own. I’ve seen this so many times in ‘B’ and ‘C’ level sales people, but not in ‘A’ level. Why?


An ‘A’ level sales person has reached this desired level of success by admitting that they cannot go it alone. They know when and where and how to ask for help. They are not ashamed but rather humble to be asking for someone else to help or provide advice. They learn from these experiences which ultimately make them a stronger sales person.


Remember: not knowing something is not a sign of weakness. Not knowing how to handle the situation or find the answer is weakness. Ask for help. Approach your seniors. Talk among your peers. Join a network of other like-minded professionals. Track the ‘A’ level sales people you know. And always seek to learn when you ask for help.

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