Saturday Morning Sales

Kevin Latchford


20 Years in the Making

In May of 1994 I began a career journey that has been challenging, risky and rewarding. I’ve held a variety of titles, but they’ve always meant one thing – sales. My best guess is that I’ve met with close to 2,000 different companies ranging in size from mom & pop – to – start-up – to Fortune 100. And, I’ve had the pleasure of calling many in each category clients. I’ve lived in Maryland, North Carolina and Florida before eventually landing in Cleveland, Ohio which is now home.

Even before I began my career a little piece of advice was offered and one that I’ve used to this day leading me to begin this blog. I was told by many to keep a little journal. Sales is not about a text book or classroom education, but rather a continuous learning curve based on life experiences. Professional sales is a lifestyle choice as much as a career decision. It is never a job. So, shortly after I made the lifestyle choice to be a salesman as a recent college grad, I began my journaling that I nicknamed SaturdayMorningSales.

My experiences in sales have taught me a lot about myself, my profession, how to handle objections and most importantly how to read and manage people and situations. SaturdayMorningSales will be a compilation of stories, anecdotes, analogies and lessons learned the hard way taken from my 20 years of real world experiences.

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