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Kevin Latchford


I’ve Been Sold: A Major Purchasing Experience - December 24, 2016

We have all made major purchases in our lives. Homes, cars, boats, vacations, etc. all come to mind. Some purchases can be pleasant experiences while others can be more burdensome. Then there are purchases that, regardless of the price tag, were excellent buying experiences. Here is a personal example of one such buying experience.


Taking a step back, allow me to explain how I came to making a major purchase. My wife, kids and I like to travel. Living in the Cleveland area can sometimes get old, especially when the weather is gloomy for long periods of time, so we try to visit Florida once or twice per year. Occasionally, because we also like to ski, we’ll take a trip to Pennsylvania or New York or once in a while out West to Utah. What it really comes down to is spending quality time as a family away from the daily routine.


So, this past week we went to Southwest Florida to sit on the beach, get away from the cold of Northeast Ohio (especially since we’ve already had one major snow storm), and to give the kids a little break from school. My wife and I also had the idea that we’d check out the timeshare program that a few friends are a part of that offers national and international travel opportunities. Well, be didn’t just check it out, we bought in.


The sales process started when we arrived at the hotel and were greeted by the representative that would set up our buying experience. She applied no pressure whatsoever and instead offered guidance on the process. Everything was set, from the car service, to childcare, all down to the minute. I was already pleased with the process, but then it got better.


As a career sales person myself there are certain attributes that stand out when I am being sold. None could be more important than knowing who you are meeting with and being prepared. Now, we were not made aware of who our sales rep would be, but Roger knew who we were. Sure, I had completed a questionnaire with some basic information on myself, my wife, and my family, but Roger did more homework. He was assigned to me because the support staff read my LinkedIn bio and he was more of a match than the other sales people in the organization. Like me, Roger had moved a few times early in his career, then became a successful business owner through his sales skills, all before retiring to Florida.


Roger doesn’t have to work, but his wife doesn’t want him sitting around the house either. Because he was successful before retirement there is a certain amount of pressure removed from his sales approach. The (very positively) lack of pressure combined with the homework he did before I came through the door immediately brought my guard down and I was much more open minded to the sales process.


What impressed me more about Roger was his relaxed nature. I could hear other sales people at times and they were a bit more animated. Everyone I met seemed nice and professional. But, it was Roger’s approach that sold me. He knew his product and he knew how it would match my family. He knew buying into a timeshare program would be a major investment for me and he was prepared to outline various buying options. He wasn’t afraid to acknowledge when he did not have an answer to a question, rather he did the homework right then and there, or he brought someone into the meeting who had the answer. Most importantly, he knew how to be a professional sales person, which put my mind at ease.


There is something to be said about being prepared, doing your homework on your customer, knowing your own company/product/service, and carrying yourself in a truly professional manner. It means you can sell to a career sales person and they will enjoy the sales process. Thank you, Roger. Now I’ll start planning my next vacation.

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