Saturday Morning Sales

Kevin Latchford


No Is Not A Bad Word - July 19, 2014

I was never really a fan of the word no. Like you, I always equated the word with negativity, such as no you cannot have ice cream; no I don’t want to go on a date with you; or, no you are not a fit for the job. It took some time as I matured in my career to come to terms with the word no and then it hit me – no can be a good word. No can be a very positive word. It just all depends on the context.


Sales people, I believe, struggle more with the word no than those in other professions. Inherently, as a career sales person, you only want to hear the word yes. Yes, you got the job. Yes, I will buy from you. Yes, the contract is signed. But sometimes, in certain cases, the word no has the best outcome. Let me explain.


I have yet to meet a sales person in my career that has a 100% perfect client rate. Meaning not every client creates a healthy working relationship. There are times when you, not the client, need to embrace the word no, as in “no we should not renew our contract; you would be better served with another firm”. There are times when sales people are so far into the sales process that pulling the plug on the deal seems impossible. And then, out of nowhere, the prospect says “no we’ve chosen someone else”. In either case these are blessings in disguise.


Long-term health and prosperity for your sales career depends on you accepting that the word no can be a good thing. So, how can you embrace no? Understanding that not every deal is healthy is the first step. Second, it’s not just what you say but how you say it. Saying no with sincerity is the only way to go. And finally, looking past the initial no, and fully understanding the positives or opportunities that lie ahead.

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