Saturday Morning Sales

Kevin Latchford


No Thank You Can Cost You - June 27, 2015

For the past several weeks I have been participating in the interview process for entry-level sales positions. The candidates being considered for the open positions are current / recent college graduates. The majority of the candidates have similar backgrounds, are graduating (or just did) from very prominent, local universities, and all have four year degrees with rather high grade point averages. Yet, only a select few are standing out.


The candidates, while all very similar, are showing me what they are made of not from their resumes, but rather their post-interview correspondence. Can you believe it, I’ve interviewed a few that never sent a thank you, but left voicemails wondering where the interview process stood? Seriously, not even a simple thank you email for the time spent talking with them.


No thank you can cost you a future interview, future follow-up sales meeting, and quite possibly a sale.


While this is a short post this week, the advice I am sharing should be taken to heart, say thank you. Whether you enjoyed the interview process or not, or whether you want to continue to interview with a particular company or not, saying thank you is not only courteous, it can be a real differentiator in the decision process.


And oh, by the way, if you didn’t send me even a simple note of thanks for the recent interview, don’t call and ask why you’ve not been invited back. This post is your answer.

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