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Kevin Latchford


Not Everyone Is Created Equal - October 17, 2015

In my post from last week I indicated that not all sales people are created equal and more importantly they should not be. So then why do so many sales managers try to hire based on a “model”?


There are many Fortune 500 organizations throughout the world who hire the same type of person over and over again. They believe they have a formula for their own success, and in some cases, maybe they do. However, many of these same organizations have a rather high turnover rate once a sales person reaches the 5 year mark. Employee retention is less of a concern within these companies and I believe it is because they hire the same (type of) person again and again.


For smaller companies taking the same approach could spell disaster. Not everyone is created equal and in the world of sales I sure hope they are not. I have found over the years that the best sales teams are comprised of a group of individuals, each with differing backgrounds, different likes and dislikes, different political or religious interests, different sexual orientations, differences from one person to the next, all blended together to create a team.


During a recent gathering of ‘A’ level sales managers I introduced this topic to gauge reactions and I was very pleasantly surprised. In a group of ten, only one person disagreed with the opinion I shared in the previous paragraph. The other nine were excited to hear one another were in agreement. What transpired, however, surprised me yet was refreshing. Rather than a simple nodding of the head in mutual agreement and moving on, the conversation consumed the evening.


My message again this week is for the sales or sales hiring managers out there: go for diversity, do not hire clones of you or each other, and celebrate the variety that makes up your sales team. Encourage each sales person to use their uniqueness to advance the company sales efforts, and most importantly, teach your sales team how to flip leads to each other based on their individual talents. Again, an increase in revenue and ROI is sure to come.

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