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Kevin Latchford


Paint A Picture - October 18, 2014

Have you ever watched a movie where the scene flashes forward and shows what life around you would be like if you did not exist or were not present? The director is painting a picture for the character and for you. These tend to be used as “ah ha moments”, ones that drive home the point of the plot. When selling, you too can use this approach, to drive home the point of the plot.


Mr. Prospect, let me paint a picture for you, of what it will look like to work with my firm. Mrs. Client, let me paint a picture for you, of what it will look like if we stopped working together and you chose another firm to partner with. In either case, you can be an artist, and you can use the painting of a picture to close the deal.


There are several tactics that must be applied at the same time for this approach to closing to work. First and foremost, you must be sincere. Sincerity when describing the future relationship, both with ups and downs, is the key to having the prospect or client believe in you. Two things were also just said that are important to point out. You must describe what it is like, in reality, to work with your firm. Of course, there will be many highs or ups. There may also be lows or downs. Being believable is being honest. Most sales people only want to paint the picture filled with beautiful colors. A true artist must sometimes show the dark side. Describe what happens when something does not go just right. Outline how you handle resolutions when a change in the relationship occurs. Explain how you will get past a possible disagreement. And the other point is they must believe you. You represent your company and therefore you must be believable because you will be held accountable not your company.


Other factors in painting the picture for working together is through story telling. It is okay to have a small tangent in your closing process to tell a real story that your prospect or client will relate to. And, if you can then provide a reference to validate the story, the picture you are painting becomes even more prevalent to the close.


As I’ve mentioned in past blog posts, ‘A’ level sales people understand how to build relationships, and recognize the building process may take time. Like an artist, the outcome of the final product is unknown in the beginning, but takes shape throughout the process. And, so does selling. Unfortunately, there are too many ‘B’ and ‘C’ level sales people that want to rush through the process. I call them “paint by numbers sales people”. They think they are using their best skills, but they are simply trying to speed through by copying another’s work.


Be yourself, be honest, be realistic and paint a picture for what is to come. You will qualify your prospect or client. You will make them desire to work with you. And, you will be able to refer back to the sales process and the picture you’ve painted if ever you need to review your relationship with them. Until next time, keep selling.

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