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Kevin Latchford


Patience Over Greed - October 25, 2014

I’ve often bee asked about the timing between sales, as in when is the best or appropriate time to reengage with a new client. My standard response is always “patience over greed”. In many cases I get a puzzled look and the “what do you mean”?


No matter what career path someone has chosen, we are all consumers. We have purchased a home or a car. We stand at the deli counter waiting our turn. We’ve made purchases at department stores and online for personal products or gifts. And, being on the consumer side, we sometimes must restrain ourselves and be patient not greedy. As the old saying goes, “patience is a virtue”, but what does that mean for a sales person?


When talking with sales people about “patience over greed” I often start the explanation by asking about personal experiences where they are the consumer. How does it feel when either they or the sales person get aggressive in the process or you feel as though you or the sales person are being greedy? Is it a pleasant experience? Does it make you want to continue to work with this particular sales person or the company they represent? How does this feeling change when you and the sales person show restraint in the sales process and show patience? Are you more at ease? Does it help guide the sales process and provide you the information to make a more informed decision?


Once we’ve evaluated the answers to these questions, we then move on to the calendar, and we evaluate a schedule. That’s right a schedule to manage when you will contact your new client. This is about not coming across greedy and showing patience. But, you cannot be too patient, or the new client may find someone else to manage their needs. Timing is everything.


In past blogs I’ve talked about keeping a journal. A journal is a great tool for reviewing when you’ve had a truly wonderful sales experience with a client. You should keep notes on when you reach out, how often, and why. These notes become your frequency pattern and provide you a road map for future successful sales relationships. Every industry is different and so your touchpoints (as I call them) may be different than my own. However, there is always a frequency pattern to successful sales.


Journal and manage your frequency patter. This will lead to a greater understanding of the touchpoints you’ll need and when with your new clients. And, ultimately, these plans will lead to more sales from your existing clients.

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