Saturday Morning Sales

Kevin Latchford


Q&A Week 3 - July 14, 2018

For the past few years, since I began using this weekly blog to share stories about sales and sales management, I have been receiving numerous questions from readers including my own clients. Over the next several months I am going to use my weekly ramblings to post one reader question with my answer. Please note – my answers are based on my personal and professional experiences and in no way reflect my company or specific clients.


Q: You regularly share insights on your personal and business life. You, like everyone these days, seem to be extremely busy. What is your best tip for time management?


A: This one is easy for me, I calendar every detail of my life, and these details are available for everyone around me to see. I use my Outlook calendar to log all of my activities from doctor’s appointments to parent-teach meetings to my kid’s games and my client meetings. I rarely mark anything private because those that have access to my calendar should be able to use good judgement when requesting time from me. I log my weekend activities no different than my mandatory management meetings. Wherever I go I have my iPhone with me and my calendar sync’d. Last thing…I also make sure to log some personal time for reading or exercising. I find that this habit has allowed me to not only know when and where I need to be, but allows me to budget my time in a way that allows me to say yes much more than I say no.

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