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Kevin Latchford


Social Media & Sales - August 8, 2015

‘A’ level sales people have always had a knack for being social, but now more than ever, they must be engaged in social media. Once thought to be passing fads, social media tools are so very important on an everyday basis. LinkedIn, for example, allows you to recruit new employees or make introductions to prospective clients. Facebook will give you some insight into an individual’s personality. Looking at who someone follows on Twitter will provide you some perspective on this persons views on business, politics, etc. which may assist in determining a cultural fit within your team.


Social media has many upsides, as mentioned above, but one of the most important to me is the ability to take a potential cold lead and warm it up. I’m sure you’ve heard of six degrees of separation. This old phrase can be generally cut in half when dealing with social media. It is now much easier to find a common connection to someone, you just need to work the system.


LinkedIn is an essential tool for any ‘A’ level sales person. You can research companies, find the decision maker, identify who this person is and how you may be connected to them through another person, and then reach out to your mutual contact to ask for an introduction. It is very simple, it just takes time.


In addition to being able to research companies and contacts, LinkedIn also affords the hiring manager the ability to search for candidates on their own without much assistance from human resources or a recruiter. A candidate’s bio is available for your review, and again, you can identify a common connection for warm introduction purposes.


There can be a negative side to social media as well. I caution people constantly on being extremely careful. Like you, others are watching what you too are doing on social media, what views you may express, and who you are connected to. This can be the reverse course when you are trying to sell, in that the prospective client is reviewing your bio and qualifications. Or, it may also be the prospective new employee scouting out what it might be like to work with of for you, in an attempt to gauge how they would interact with you on a daily basis.


We have many different resources at our disposal to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to social media. I am not putting this post together to pretend to be an expert. However, recently I have come across several sales folks that simply do not believe in social media and the power it has in the sales process, or they only use selective pieces & parts without realizing the full power it has over their sales process.


Take time yourself to review, learn, explore, and experiment with social media, and I truly believe you will find new ways to increase your productivity. 

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