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Kevin Latchford


Thank You: Two Simple Words - June 21, 2014

When the server at the breakfast diner topped off your coffee this morning you said Thank You. When the sales clerk helped you match a tie with your new suit you said Thank You. When the teenager next door offered to walk your dog you said Thank You. After the meeting you had the other day with a prospective client you said Thank You – OR DID YOU?


It bothers me to a certain extent that I am writing this blog. But, I was reminded once again this week that many in business today are lacking the basic manners that should be carried as a professional sales person. Yesterday I received a hand-written Thank You note from someone I met with earlier in the week. She wants to do business with my firm and I spent 40 minutes in an initial meeting. A first time meeting that was over in 40 minutes. She did not send a quick one sentence email saying “hey thanks”. She took a few moments to write a Thank You note and I will remember it.


And so you may be wondering why this feels like a big deal to me. Well, I participated in seven meetings last week where I was the person asked to meet. I received three Thank You notes. Of the other four meetings, two were interviews with prospective employees. If you think I’ll remember the hand-written note, well I’ll remember the lack of manners even more. But, before I made the final decision to jot down my thoughts here, I wanted to make sure I was walking the walk. I looked back over the past month and can confidently report that I said Thank You each and every time someone met with me face-to-face or by conference call.


It may seem trivial and you may say not me, but use this short post as a reminder to ask yourself this question – Am I saying Thank You every time? And if not, has it caused an issue with moving forward in business. Oh and you may wonder why I capitalized Thank You each time. Let those two simple words stand out, let them sink in, and make sure you not only use these two words in business every day, make sure you mean it.

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