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Kevin Latchford


The Selling Season - November 1, 2014

Depending on where you live and work, the weather in your respective area may have an impact on sales. Coupled with the calendar and you may be entering your own selling season. This week’s blog post is a bit more personal, a perspective on my own sales career for at least the past 12 years. You see, living in Cleveland, Ohio I have found there are specific times during the calendar year where my sales are directly impacted by the month and the weather outside. Let me share…


In the Northeast Ohio region, along the shores of Lake Erie, the winter months tend to drag. January through March and sometimes into April can be brutal with heavy snow, frigid temps and long grey days. In this area we tend to feel stuck inside with little options for getting outside for fun with the exception of maybe a quick trip to Florida or Arizona.


However, once June hits, everyone wants to break free and run for the outdoors. It’s boating season, golf season, motorcycle season, anything outside season. And, I’ve witnessed firsthand for years that no one really wants to be beholden to their offices in June, July or August. Sales tend to slow down a bit. I’ve compared my own scenario with other sales people in different industries with like results.


So you may wonder why I’m commenting on this topic today, Saturday November 1st? Well, to me, this is the prime selling season. By mid-to-late October and into early-November many clients have wrapped up their budget planning sessions for the upcoming calendar year. And, many now realize they may have some budget remaining for this year that they can spend. This is a fantastic opportunity to call upon your existing clients (and new ones too) to have the discussion on what can be done to help them spend their budget. And, yes, this is a perfectly acceptable topic. If you don’t believe me, just ask one client, and you’ll see that they are very willing and open to talking with you.


Second, many clients and prospects are ready and willing to meet face-to-face, have budget conversations, and make sales happen before the Christmas holiday. Like you, your clients will want to achieve certain business goals before the end of the year, and before they take personal time during the holidays. They may not realize that buying from you is a goal (yet), but have the budget conversation, and they soon will.


It becomes a win-win situation for you and your client. You will help them spend their budget before they lose it when the calendar starts over on January 1st and they will help you increase your sales at the end of the year. Best part, this will set up your relationship for January, when you’ll have an opportunity to talk once again with your client about what’s next.


It is my selling season and it should be yours too. Good luck as you make the run toward the end of the year.

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