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Kevin Latchford


Treat Your Sales Career Like Golf - July 23, 2016

There’s no ‘I’ in team. Sales has to be a team sport. Don’t forget your supporting cast. These are phrases I’ve used often and do believe in. But, from time-to-time, treat your sales career like a round of golf. Golf is never a competition against the other members of your foursome. Rather, golf is a competition against yourself. Some days everything goes in your favor. The course conditions are great. The weather is perfect. And, you seem to be playing above your norm. Other days are just bad. It starts to rain. You can’t hit a straight tee shot. You three putt every hole. You want to put the clubs back in the car and call it a day, but you don’t, you fight through until you wrap up eighteen.


Your sales career is not all that different. You have good days and bad days. You have beautiful sun-filled blue sky days and dark dreary days. Like golf you will have your ups and downs. How you finish out eighteen is a testament to your character. When you give up or throw in the towel, you show weakness. But, stand strong with your head held high, and you will come out a winner (regardless of the score).


Don’t get me wrong, sales is now and always has been a team sport, and sometimes so is golf. I know a few guys that are single digit handicap golfers and not one would say they’ve done it on their own. They have coaches. They have pro’s that offer mental stability. They have shops with professional club fitters. They have fitness or yoga instructors. They take the game very seriously and know the support team behind them is necessary to excel. They plan for greatness and then act upon their plan.


Sales people should do the very same thing: plan for greatness and act upon the plan. While many times it comes down to you, the individual sales person with a strong character to close the deal, being prepared means making sure you have the right team helping you prepare. You may be by yourself in front of the prospect asking for the signature, just as you’re by yourself holding the putter aiming for birdie, but you must realize you are not alone. You have others cheering for you.


In golf and sales, as with other sports, musical instruments, public speaking, etc., practice makes perfect. Treating your sales career like golf is just that, making sure you practice, and then proceed onto the course. Knowledge in sales is like muscle memory in golf. It does not come with one visit to the driving range. Practice in sales can sound mundane, but it is not. Only the best sales people rise to greatness. Greatness comes through relentless practice. Just like golf.

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