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Kevin Latchford


Why Do People Buy From YOU - November 14, 2015

Regardless of the company you work for or the products/services you sell, have you ever asked yourself why people buy from you? This is a question I often challenge my team members and sales clients with and the answers can be telling.


One of the more common answers I hear, which unfortunately comes from a very average sales person, is that the customer/client has no choice. They are an assigned rep and the customer/client needs their product/service. On the opposite end of the answer spectrum come responses from the ‘A’ level sales person – they buy because of me.


Over time sales people need to be reminded, or remind themselves, that they are the reason why their customers/clients buy. This is an empowering moment in ones sales career, when the light bulb goes off, and you realize you can control your level of success. That’s right, people buy because of YOU, which means YOU and YOU ALONE can guide your career path.


We are approaching the Thanksgiving holiday season and I often use this as a reflective period for myself. The end of the year will soon be here and I am examining how I’ve done in business. Have I achieved my goals? Have I been able to increase my compensation due to my direct sales performance? Am I prepared for the calendar to move one year ahead? Have I left any opportunities on the table, and if so, why? Have I been the best sales person I can be for my clients and my company? And, why did my clients ultimately buy from me this year?


This reflective period and these questions often shed light on who I am as a sales person, as well as who I am as an individual. Often I’ve referenced how the ‘A’ level sales person make sales a part of their life, not just their career choice, and so I believe the answers to these reflective questions define who I am not just how I sell.


As we move closer and closer toward the holidays and the end of the calendar year, I challenge you to ask yourselves these questions. Your goals should be simple: your customers/clients buy from YOU because of YOU. Once you achieve this level of success, you are well on your way to staying an ‘A’ level sales person for your career.

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