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Kevin Latchford


Working Remote: A few pointers on being productive - August 22, 2015

Being provided an opportunity to work remote by your employer is truly a privilege and should never be viewed as a right or requirement. You’re lucky, your boss believes in your work ethic, and has the trust in you to do the job at hand regardless of your location. But, working remote can be difficult, especially if this is a new opportunity for you. So, how can you be the most productive when working remote?


First of all, selecting the right location or environment is key, and this is probably the most important. Working from home can be good, but working from home will most likely also contain the most distractions. Kids, dog, spouse, phone, delivery, or the convenience of snacks. All of these distractions may seem small, but added up they become a huge time suck. If you are going to choose home for the location, you need to pretend as though you’re going to the office. Keep your regular wake-up / shower routine in place. Find a spot in your home to call the office and establish this space as your only work location within the four walls. Don’t walk around with your laptop and plop down on the couch. If you can, avoid home altogether, and find a slower paced coffee shop or a “quiet room” at the library. There are distractions even at your office, but finding ways to minimize is the first major step.


Next, plan your day no differently than if you were in your office, such as listing out your to-do’s, planning for the phone calls of the day, and having the set of “must complete items” before calling it a day. Being organized when working remote is even more of a requirement than if you were in the office. Again, you’ll experience a few more distractions, so make sure you plan ahead for the time it will take to fulfill your obligations for the day.

This is not social hour. You are on the clock and so you must avoid the social temptations that come along with working remote. Grabbing coffee or lunch with a friend is great, but unless you would do this activity when working from the office, leave it alone. Avoid the temptation to be social with your personal contacts simply because of the convenience factor. Again, work must come first.


Lastly, check in with the office on a regular basis. Make sure you are getting messages from voicemail, be readily available when called upon by a coworker, and touch base with your boss just for the sake of touching base. This shows you are taking this opportunity seriously and not taking advantage of their trust. Many ‘A’ level sales people are much more productive when working remote. It is a sense of freedom that allows these individuals to take on the tasks of the day without hesitation. But, success can be diminished if you take the opportunity for granted, and don’t get the same amount of work done as you would if you were in the office (or more!).

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